Updates to Scope of Practice Policy: What’s Coming in 2018?

ScopeofPracticePolicy.org will have exciting new additions launching in 2018. A new page featuring behavioral health providers will include clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, and both nurse practitioners and physician assistants who practice in a psychiatry specialty.

The nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA) pages will feature new maps highlighting state laws and regulations around medication assisted treatment (MAT) that enable NPs and PAs to prescribe those medications. Other updates to the physician assistant page will include changes to the supervision requirements map. New maps will show which states allow adaptable collaboration requirements (e.g., no proximity requirements).

Upcoming blogs will include a series that highlights emerging provider types, such as community health workers, community paramedics and peer support specialists. Other blogs will focus on medication assisted treatment, the behavioral health providers featured on the site, and monthly legislation updates that feature states examining their scope of practice laws.

Our legislative database will also track the new provider types and prescribing information related to medication assisted treatment – so be sure to check the database for updates on state legislation.

And look for a forthcoming new policy surveillance page this summer that will feature peer support specialists.

Please check back for updates throughout the winter and spring to see when these new additions will be live.